Welcome to my kitchen!  I live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas with my husband of 13 years, John, and our 3 little ones: Kate, Abby and Alex.


Before we had kids, I was an MBA working in Human Resources and John was a Family Practice Physician.  We ate out every night, stayed up past midnight, spent our weekends at the lake with our dogs, and our vacations traveling.  Now, well, our lives are very different and certainly not what we imagined (we thought we’d be those people taking their kids to Paris-we’re not), but we wouldn’t change a thing!


John gave up medicine several years ago to pursue his love of entrepreneurship, founding  Acumen Brands in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I am now a full time stay at home mom and part time blogger.


I started really cooking when Kate was born 8 years ago, because it was suddenly impossible to go out to eat!  I don’t have any sort of culinary training, so I had to learn as I went along.  I watched a lot of Food Network while I rocked the baby, and I read every cookbook I had cover to cover.


It’s taken many years for me to learn not just how to cook, but also what to cook.  I only cook meals I want to eat, and I don’t cater too much to my kids’ whining about what I’ve made (and trust me, they do).  What you’ll see here is what we actually ate for dinner.  Every night after I cook, I snap a photo, then I eat.  Oh, and then I clean the kitchen and blog about dinner.   There are about 500 other things I do, too, in between all that, but that’s basically how it goes.


I hope my blog will inspire you to cook something healthy and delicious for your family!

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