The Northwest Arkansas blogging community is pretty amazing and full of such cool and interesting people.  And I finally got to meet of bunch of them at the NWA Blogger Meetup at the Acumen office yesterday!

John and Josh got the idea to do this meetup a couple of weeks ago, and invited a handful of bloggers to come so they could get some ideas about how to actually host a meetup.  Well, it kind of snowballed, and there were more than 60 bloggers there! Even though the whole event was thrown together at the last minute, it went off without a hitch.

Here’s my brilliant husband, completely in his element, talking about one of his favorite subjects, Google analytics.  If you come to our house at any given time, you’ll find him sitting exactly like this (without the big screen, although I’ll bet he wishes he had one connected at home).  Here’s a link to his presentation, if you missed it.

A few of the lovely Arkansas Women Bloggers I finally had the privilege of meeting.
And the lunch…..I had this crazy idea that I’d make lunch for the group.  And then the group kept growing.  I’d never cooked for 75 people before and I started to stress.  But I still really wanted to do it, because I knew it would be fun and a great jump start for my blog.  With a little organization, babysitting help from my parents, and Sams Club, I pulled it off!!
Oh, and some serious last minute sandwich making from my friend, Jennifer.  She stopped by Monday morning to help me pack lunches, and that girl rolled up her sleeves (figuratively…she didn’t have sleeves) and saved the day!! Thanks, Jenn!
So I made all these lunches, printed a cute little menu to go on the lunch sacks that included my blog url, but guess what I forgot? To take pictures of the food. Duh. Live and learn, I guess.