There was a collective gasp when we entered his kitchen.  We were all speechless for a second and then we grabbed our cameras and started furiously clicking!  We food and lifestyle bloggers were in heaven!


I was in awe of the countertop height.  HIGH! A tall girl’s dream.


The entire house is new, but it’s made to feel and look old.  This modern farmhouse style is just beautiful.  Antiques mixed with new pieces….boy, that’s hard to pull off, but design here is flawless.


I want to rip off a cabinet door to show off Ray Ban outlet my All Clad, too! It’s too pretty to be hidden.

The day at the farm was sponsored by Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.  We were treated to delicious soy based food all day.  Another real treat was getting to hear from Mr. Jim Carroll, a soybean farmer from Brinkley, Arkansas.  He and his wife were quite charming in their sincerity and passion for farming.  Mr. Carroll told us stories of the farm that had us laughing and some that had us almost in tears.  Soybeans are a big part of our state, and we learned a lot about the miracle bean!


Here are the fantastic soy muffins we had for breakfast under the big oak tree.  After driving 3 hours, we Northwest Arkansas Bloggers gobbled them up, along with copious amounts of coffee.


P. Allen did a cooking demonstration for us and we food bloggers were hanging on his every word.  He’s using a microplane here to zest a lemon into a edamame salad.


He also prepared a garlic-y edamame with Parmesan cheese.  I’ll make that recipe next week and share it with you.


For lunch, the Moss Mountain chef made Soy Succotash with Edamame, Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, Red Onion, Garlic and Cumin.  The pork tenderloin was skillet braised in soybean oil and the baked potato had a Spicy Tofu topping.  Everything was delightful!

My next post will be about the unbelievable gardens and my comfy-cute new cowboy boots.  Stay tuned!