It was a beautiful day at Moss Mountain Farm.  I mean, gorgeous!  But I kinda think everyday is perfect there.


I have a lot say about my day at P. Allen Smith’s home yesterday.  A group of Arkansas bloggers got a full tour of his home and grounds, were treated to some delicious food, and learned a lot about our state.  I have so much to blog about; so much so that I’m going to need to think for a bit about it.  And I have to find a second to edit the gazillions of pictures I took.


I’ll leave you with a few pictures while I get back to the business of cooking dinner, toting children, watering the garden, and oh, shampooing the carpet because the toilet overflowed and flooded the playroom…..


This is the front porch of Moss Mountain Farm (I seriously want a house with a name).  Every Southern house should have a front porch, right?



I adore the salmon color of the painted furniture, which incidentally, perfectly matched the flowers on the porch.  This was no coincidence: every detail in this home was perfectly planned.



And the sky blue ceiling on the porch?  Well, I’m going to be headed out to the paint store next week.



The hydrangeas were gigantic and so pink!



The property has the most magnificent trees. Here’s the huge oak in the front yard.