I often talk about how much I dislike going to the grocery store. Browsing the canned soup aisle is not my idea of a good time! So..I always take a list.  It’s detailed, and I stick to it.  In addition, a list keeps me on track and prevents me from buying items we don’t need.


I’ve tried several shopping list apps, but I can never manage to juggle my phone and my shopping cart while I’m at the store. So I like to go old school and carry a piece of paper and a pen!   I group my items by aisle to simplify the shopping trip and ensure I don’t forget anything.


If you want to go retro with me and use a paper list, I’ve got a cute printable for y0u. The headings are blank so you can add the categories from your favorite grocery store.


Here’s the blank version. Just click HERE to download the pdf to print.


Grocery List Printable| Our Everyday Dinners




If you’d rather have all the categories filled in, click HERE to download that version.


Walmart Grocery List Printable| Our Everyday Dinners