Remember the Arugula Pesto from Monday’s sandwich?  I made a quick pasta for dinner tonight using farfalle (bowtie pasta), leftover Arugula Pesto, and freshly grated parm cheese.  The kids gobbled it up!  I like to use the Barilla Plus pasta in the yellow box because it has more protein and fiber than regular pastas without it being grainy like whole wheat pasta.

We also had leftover bread from the sandwiches that I made into garlic bread by slathering it with butter and sprinkling on garlic salt.

Oh, I almost forgot! See that little salad just dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar?   See the red pepper on top?  That came from my Mother’s Day Garden! The deer and bunnies are really enjoying all my tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, and zucchini, but I guess they don’t care for peppers.  It’s all that’s left! And this one was the most beautiful and delicious pepper I’ve ever had. Ok, not really, but it was so cool to pick it from the garden and eat it!