On the last day of school we hosted our neighbors at our pool for a fun summer kick off.  The girls wanted to make some sugar cookies for the pool party, but we ran a little short on time.  So we improvised and made these easy Flip Flop Cookies.   Actually, they did it all by themselves.  Kate (she’s almost 9) piped on the green and Abby (she’s 6) did the pink dot.  They did a great job!

Flip Flop Cookies


1 package Nutter Butter cookies

1 package Betty Crocker cookie icing-green (listen, you could make your own, but you’re using Nutter Butters…why bother?)

1 package Betty Crocker cookie icing-pink


Pipe the v-shape onto the cookie with the green icing.  Add a dot of pink at the middle of the v.  Let the cookies dry.



I have a couple of other easy summer entertaining ideas for you.


Fruit kebobs.  Add some color and height to a buffet table with his healthy snack. We used strawberries and grapes because that’s what we had, but you can use any fruit you like.


Add fruit to plain water to make it more festive.  And I always add lemons to the lemonade (even though the lemonade is just from a mix). It’s much cheaper to serve water and lemonade when you are hosting a lot of kids, as opposed to juice boxes or Capri Sun.