This post is sponsored by The Pack Shack, but all opinions are my own.


The Pack Shack is Rogers, Arkansas based non-profit focusing on providing nutritious, easy to prepare, and good tasting meals to local families in need.  Did you know that 1 in 5 Arkansans are food insecure?  And 1 in 4 kids go to school hungry?  In the spirit of The Good Samaritan, The Pack Shack is really doing something to help our neighbors. Here’s how it works as described by The Pack Shack:


“We put on groovy hairnets, crank up some awesome music, and create thousands of meals from dry ingredients in an assembly line process. Spontaneous dance parties have been known to break out, so be prepared! The assembly line includes: funnels (where ingredients are poured into a funnel to fill a bag), scales (where bags are weighed for accuracy), heat sealers (where bags are sealed), and boxes (where the bags are put into cases). Once packed, the meals are given to local hunger relief groups to help neighbors in need in the community.”


NWAR vs. Hunger



All ages and abilities can participate, so bring your kids.  My kids’ school is even gathering a big group of pre-teens to help out.   What better way to combat all that pre-teen eye rolling than serving others? :) 


Sign up at The Pack Shack.  Hope to see you there!