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Greek Salad with Chickpeas

This salad is hearty enough for dinner, but you could certainly add some grilled salmon or chicken.  Serve some pita on the side to catch all the delicious juices!    

August 21, 2014 | Main Dishes, Soup and Salad

Slow Cooker Purple Hull Peas

To me, purple hull peas are as southern as sweet tea. You can’t live in the south and not eat these gems in the summer.  And right now is purple hull pea season!  If you… Read more »

August 14, 2014 | Main Dishes, Sides

Weeknight Shrimp Scampi

Traditional shrimp scampi is swimming in butter, garlic, and white wine served with copious amounts of pasta. It’s delicious, yes, but it’s not an everynight kind of meal.  This Weeknight Shrimp Scampi gives you all… Read more »

July 3, 2014 | Main Dishes
Grilled Chicken with Watermelon Salsa

Grilled Chicken with Watermelon Salsa

I like to eat cool meals when it’s hot outside, and this dish is perfect for a summer evening.  It really couldn’t be easier, and you don’t even have to heat up your oven!  … Read more »

June 25, 2014 | Main Dishes

Balsamic Flank Steak with Grilled Pears and Gorgonzola-sponsored

Flank steak is one of my go-to grilling meats because it cooks so quickly.  It’s great for a busy weeknight or a dinner party with friends and family.   Flank steak tends to be a… Read more »

May 12, 2014 | Main Dishes

Honey Lime Shrimp with Coconut Rice

I’m always on the lookout for quick dinners for busy weeknights.  Shrimp is great because it cooks fast!  And much to my surprise, the kids really liked it.   Don’t skip the cilantro and toasted… Read more »

May 8, 2014 | Featured, Main Dishes

Copycat Panera Power Chicken Hummus Bowl

I was thrilled when Panera came out with these fresh tasting salads and bowls!  Have you tried them yet?  This is not a sponsored post, by the way. I just find myself at Panera at… Read more »

April 30, 2014 | Featured, Main Dishes
Ribeye Fajitas

Ribeye Fajitas

I typically like to use flank steak for fajitas, but frankly, I can’t find it in my local stores most of the time.  I decided to try ribeye steaks instead, and the fajitas turned out… Read more »

April 26, 2014 | Main Dishes

Quicker Than Takeout: Lemon Tilapia

Not every dinner around here is Pan Seared Cod with Mexican Quinoa  or Grilled Chicken with Rosemary Mushroom Gravy .  Most nights we have some version of chicken/fish with a veggie and salad and sometimes rice or… Read more »

April 10, 2014 | Main Dishes

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

These cookies are perfect for a crowd because you just cut them into squares. No rolling and cutting out!  Also good for when you are feeling lazy….   Make them green for St. Patrick’s Day!… Read more »

March 13, 2014 | Desserts, Main Dishes