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Monkey Bread

This is an oldie, but goodie. Always a hit with kids (and adults!).   This recipe uses canned biscuits, and you need 2 cans of the big sized biscuits.  I prefer the buttermilk kind, as… Read more »

November 25, 2015 | Breakfast, Desserts

Thanksgiving Prep Strategy

  Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be overwhelming for beginning (and even seasoned) cooks.  Your best plan of attack is to be organized and keep it simple!  I’ve got some tips to help keep your Thanksgiving… Read more »

November 18, 2015 | Miscellaneous

Pan Roasted Chicken with Gravy

Sometimes the simple recipes are the best ones.  This is not a fancy meal, but it’s one of my favorites to cook on cold winter nights.  The chicken and gravy come together really quickly, and… Read more »

November 17, 2015 | Main Dishes

Ham and Cheese Rolls

  One of my most popular recipes is for Hot and Melty Party Sandwiches , and when I had a brunch event to attend I decided to try something different with this delicious recipe.  I took… Read more »

November 10, 2015 | Main Dishes, Sandwiches, Snacks & Drinks

Pot Roast

I get asked all the time about how to prepare pot roast.  How I do it is pretty simple.   Sometimes I add different herbs, but salt and pepper are really all you need.   Additionally,… Read more »

November 5, 2015 | Main Dishes

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Browned Butter Glaze

  Step away from the cake mix! This Pumpkin Spice Cake is not only easy, but doesn’t take any longer than a boxed mix.   The Browned Butter Glaze takes an extra minute, but if… Read more »

November 2, 2015 | Desserts